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Buy Bitcoin With Cash Instantly! Visit one of the listed Bitcoin ATM locations near you and join the cryptocurrency revolution. To find a Bitcoin ATM locations near {citystate[1]}, use our interactive Bitcoin ATM Locations Map above. All locations include the store name, address, hours, and more. Conveniently purchase Bitcoin using cash in minutes using any Bitcoin machine. Purchasing is easy and fast and without any prior account needed. Simply head to a Bitcoin ATM from the map above nearest {citystate[1]}, and make sure to bring your mobile phone, a Bitcoin wallet, and cash. For larger purchases, the ATM operator may require identification such as a drivers license. There is no prior account needed to use Bitcoin ATMs. You will be able to enter your phone number and register right on the machine instantly while being at the machine for the first time. You will receive a text code confirmation number to enter on the machine which verifies your account. You may also enter more information and verify on the machine for $25,000 daily limits. Bitcoin ATMs are a convenient and secure way of purchasing cryptocurrency when using a trusted Bitcoin ATM. At the time of purchase, Bitcoin is sent right away and can arrive in your Bitcoin wallet in under 45 minutes as your Bitcoin wallet provider waits for blockchain confirmations. Bitcoin machines only accept cash in denominations of $100, $50, and $20. You may also visit our partner’s site to purchase cryptocurrency online using a debit and credit card securely and instantly by clicking the link the the menu.

bitcoin atm purchase checklist


Tutorial On How To Buy Bitcoin At A Bitcoin ATM

Step 1: Click BUY BITCOIN

Use the touchscreen interface on the ATM to press BUY.


Step 2: Enter your Phone Number & One-Time Passcode

Enter your phone number and click OK. Then enter the one time passcode you will receive to your mobile phone number.


Step 3: Scan your Crypto Wallet QR Code

Scan your Bitcoin Wallet QR code on the QR reader. If purchasing other cryptocurrencies, make sure to scan the correct wallet.


Step 4: Insert Cash One Bill At A Time

Insert your bills one at a time for the total sum of fiat you would like to use to purchase cryptocurrency. The crypto quote will be present on the screen for you to confirm once all cash is inserted.


Step 5: Confirm amount and click BUY – Purchase Complete!

Once the amount of cash is inserted, confirm the crypto shown on the screen to be sent and click Buy if confirmed. Purchase complete! Bitcoins were sent directly to your wallet and the blockchain can be verified instantly! Please allow 45 minutes (can be up to 2 hours at times) for your wallet provider to show the Bitcoin in your wallet due to blockchain confirmations done automatically for you.


Bitcoin ATM $25,000 Daily Limits